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We are a 24/7 apostolic ministry center based in San Antonio, Texas.

Who we are

The greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God. We believe that before we can ever reach our city (or even our own homes for that matter) we must first reach out to God. This is why we know that in the center of this effort resides a home for the tabernacle of David, a continuously running house of prayer. Having a dedicated enclosed space for prayer and worship unto the Father 24/7 in the midst of this place is key. This is not only desired but we can’t emphasize enough how much this is direly NEEDED. This is the fuel and the fire for all that will transpire from this place. This is our common ground for all who say Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. This is our rallying point! As we Exalt God everything else will fall! Establishing a 24/7 prayer room for San Antonio is our goal and, more importantly, our desire.

Monthly Gift

With your $40 monthly giving, you can help us change the city.